Harmonize & Thrive

Nervous System Revival for Entrepreneurs: A 12-Week Online One-on-One Program

Unlock Fulfillment, Thrive and Accelerate Your Personal and Professional Life by Retuning Your Nervous System with Breathwork, Somatics, and Sound Healing

Are You Experiencing Symptoms Like These?

Chronic stress can manifest in a variety of physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, having a big impact on your personal and professional life.

These symptoms can vary from person to person and may fluctuate in severity over time. It’s important to recognize these signs of a dysregulated nervous system and develop awareness to recalibrate and protect your physical and mental well-being.

Reclaim Your Power & Unleash Your Potential!

After the 12 weeks, you will notice a profound transformation within yourself.
More Energy

Imagine waking up well-rested, ready to tackle the day as your productivity reaches new heights.

Deeper Connection

A newly found sense of safety and serenity in your body fosters a deeper connection to your inner self.

Better Relationships

Your thoughts are sharp, your communication is clear and effective, dramatically improving your personal and professional relationships.

Improved Thinking

Enhanced creativity allows you to experience states of flow and ease, boosting your problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.

Higher Stress Resistance

With your nervous system finely tuned and your resilience strengthened, daily stressors no longer throw you off balance. Navigate challenges with confidence and grace.

Step into a future where you're deeply connected to your purpose, driven by your desires, and fulfilled in everyday life.

Are We a Fit to Work Together?

In this fast-paced world, where time is our most precious commodity, your willingness to explore this program speaks volumes.

You are experiencing symptoms from the above list.

You are willing to invest 60 to 90 minutes a week for 12 weeks.

You are ready for change and eager to take action.

This transformative journey is tailored to meet you where you are, offering personal one-on-one support to rebalance your nervous system and unlock fulfillment in your life.

Discover What Others Have Achieved With The Program

Matthias Kohl, Executive
Kempten, Germany

Having a lengthy period of personal tragedy and the resulting trauma to contend with,Valerie’s program and personality made a big difference to me. I felt depressed and confused for extended periods of time and really was not able to turn it around just by myself. The program changed all that. Getting an introduction to breathwork and doing breathing exercises as well as breathwork journeys with Valerie’s guidance made a huge impact on all areas of my life. If you are looking to clear your thoughts, find focus and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing to a tremendous degree, I cannot recommend this program enough. You will start to see actual, tangible results within weeks. I can honestly say, that my quality of life increased significantly over the last few months, I find myself experiencing a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment I had forgotten even existed and it is all due to Valerie’s program and unobtrusive, highly empathic guidance throughout the whole process.

Meghan Sheridan, Artist
Geneva, Switzerland

I am so grateful for Valerie and the Safe and Sound Protocol. Valerie is such a beautiful and peaceful presence to work with, and she answered all of my questions, walking me through the steps. The protocol has changed my life. I have ADHD and had some difficulties with certain sounds and filtering background noise, which had been causing frustration and anxiety for decades. I also live in a very noisy part of my city, and I was practically living in my noise-cancelling headphones. After completing the protocol, all the city noise has been truly relegated to the background. For the first time ever, I am falling in love with my home, because I can relax without feeling like I have to shut everything out. I’m an artist, and this opened up so many new levels of creativity and intuition for me as well. Valerie is wonderful to work with, incredibly knowledgeable, but her true gift is her loving and healing presence throughout the process. I highly recommend her services and her, as a human being.

What Is a Discovery Call?

During this call, we’ll explore your story, struggles, and aspirations. We’ll discuss how I can support you on your journey to healing and a more purposeful life.
You’ll gain clarity on your goals and determine if the program aligns with your needs.
Schedule your call today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.

Framework: A Proven Five Step Formula

To help your body-mind system achieve coherence and resonance — a state of homeostasis — we employ ancient techniques along with top-notch scientific tools.

Before we begin, we conduct an assessment phase to track progress and evaluate your current state.


Gain insights into the intricacies of the nervous system and its profound impact on well-being. Through targeted discussions and resources, you'll understand how stress manifests in your body and mind, laying the groundwork for your transformational journey.

Somatic Exercises

Dive into practical techniques aimed at regulating the nervous system. These exercises provide tangible tools to manage stress and promote relaxation, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with resilience and ease.

Sound Healing With an Audio Tool

Experience a transformative shift with the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). Delivered through an intuitive app, SSP strengthens the vagus nerve which leads to more resilience. It reduces stress, fostering a sense of felt safety and inner harmony.


Unlock the healing power of your breath through guided breathwork sessions. These sessions, tailored to release stored tension and trauma, offer profound insights and pave the way for deep transformation.


Reflect on your journey and consolidate your experiences. In this phase, you'll make sense of your transformation, integrating the lessons learned into your daily life for lasting change and growth.

About Me

I am Valerie, a sound healing therapist and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator.

My journey into holistic healing began with a gift I was born with — a strong vagal tone, fostering a natural resilience. Despite encountering both significant and subtle traumas, experiencing their physical, mental, and emotional effects firsthand, my personal healing journey led me through modalities such as sound healing, plant medicine, and breathwork.

I am certified through numerous trainings and constantly investing in my education to deepen my understanding and refine my skills. Now, armed with the knowledge and tools that have proven effective in my own life, I am dedicated to guiding others on their path to healing trauma.

With a firm belief in the innate self-healing abilities within each individual, I empower others to live joy-filled and purposeful lives.

Questions & Answers

Sound Healing, Somatics, Breathwork and personal guidance.
In this program, we explore various types of breathwork techniques tailored to help you regulate stress in the moment. Through short, practical exercises, you’ll learn to manage stress effectively as it arises.
The guided breathwork journeys are immersive sessions where you’ll lie down, close your eyes, and breathe continuously. I’ll curate an individualized playlist and guide you through the experience.
These sessions offer the opportunity to access altered states of consciousness, tapping into your subconscious for profound insights and facilitating deep transformation.
Additionally, your body is given the time and space to process unresolved stress responses, allowing trauma to release from the body. Through this process, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with your true self on multiple levels.
The program can start anytime. It’s an individual 1:1 program.
Valerie is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, specializing in ©Owaken Breathwork. Additionally, she is a certified sound healing therapist, skilled in working with various modalities including the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, and Gongs. Currently, Valerie is undergoing training for EMDR through the Embody Lab. With over five years of experience, Valerie has worked with more than 400 individuals, guiding them on their journey towards healing and well-being.
You’ll gain a deep understanding of your nervous system and acquire valuable tools to regulate it, possibly experiencing the sensation of a regulated nervous system for the first time. Through the program, you’ll enhance your resilience and attain heightened levels of well-being. This transformative journey encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual realms, offering profound growth and holistic healing.
Individual experiences may vary as each person’s journey is unique.
It depends where you are at in your healing journey – one to three hours a week.
In the discovery call we find out if we are a fit. This program is 1:1 and highly individual.

Every individual requires tailored support, and your needs are paramount. My focus is on meeting your unique needs effectively. The investment for the program is in the four-figure range, with the option of payment in three installments.

To objectively monitor progress, I utilize clinical assessment tools. These assessments are conducted both before and four weeks after completing the program. Additionally, goals are set during the initial call and reviewed in the final integration session. This comprehensive approach ensures accountability and allows for meaningful evaluation of each participant’s journey.